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   Welcome one and all to the forum site for Merasska! We're a bunch of laid back individuals who enjoy RPing, questing, PvPing and generally just chatting it up in-game!          

   We're on the server Ajunta Pall, and if you're heard about us, just send any of our members a /tell and they'll get you hooked up with an invite! We use /guild as a 'comms' channel to speak IC and a separate channel 'merasskaooc' for our OOC chat. Simply right click a tab on the top of your chat, hit 'create custom channel' and type in merasskaooc. That's it! We have no age requirements or anything of that nature, so hop on in the forums, meet some of our members and have a great stay!    

May the Force be with you!   

Guild News

Merasska is growing, and as such so is our site!

Trimel, Mar 26, 12 5:10 PM.
Heya Merasska!

Head on over to to check out our shiny new site! :)

RP this Friday, and 16 man HM operation on Saturday!

Trimel, Mar 9, 12 10:40 AM.
Hey gang! We'll be meeting up on Nar Shaddaa this friday for some RP, with a few surprises in store perhaps, and then we'll be doing a 16 man HM operation this Saturday night!

/w Trimel for info ingame!

Hard Mode operations going well! Still keeping the normal ops running too!

Trimel, Mar 4, 12 1:38 AM.
Hey Merasska! So far we're doing mroe and more HM flashpoints and now HM Operations! We've been clearing a bit of EV and KP both in HM, hoping to do full clears soon!

Eternity Vault tonight!

Trimel, Feb 18, 12 11:06 AM.
Hey gang! We're gonna blow through Eternity Vault tonight at 7pm PST! We're going to do an 8man to start off with, and then move on to KP and eventually hard modes.

If you can, /w me early on and let me know you're interested. I'm going to have more than 8 I am sure, so I will be picking those who have been playing on a consistent basis, and I'll go from veteran members onward.

Another World boss set for this Saturday at 7pm PST!

Trimel, Feb 6, 12 6:09 PM.
Hello all! We're planning on doing another world boss this Saturday night at 7pm PST! I'm still working out the details on the story and which boss to do, but stay tuned!
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